October 31, 2004 Discordance Axis "Our Last Day" CD
The artwork is done. The recordings are in the can and on the way to the mastering plant. Only 1 year late. Sigh.

Here's the complete track listing:

  • Discordance Axis. Sega Bass Fishing
  • Discordance Axis. Ikaruga (2004 mix)
  • Cide Projeckt. Cat's Cradle
  • Cide Projeckt. A Broken Tomorrow
  • Cide Projeckt. Tokyo
  • Cide Projeckt. Killing Yield
  • Cide Projeckt. Aparture of Pinholes
  • Cide Projeckt. Mind Seduction Aftermath
  • Cide Projeckt. Flow My tears, The Policeman Said
  • Cide Projeckt. Information Sniper
  • Cide Projeckt. Amnesia Ceiling (original vers)
  • Cide Projeckt. Macro (Remixed)
  • Gate. Radiant Arkham
  • Gate. The Inalienable Dreamless
  • Mortalized. Castration Rite
  • Mortalized. A Crack in the Cataracts
  • Mortalized. Drowned
  • Melt Banana. Ulterior
  • NoiseEar. Mimetic
  • Merzbow. The Inalienable Dreamless Remix (Complete)
  • GridLink. Naked Pieces Scattered

Looking over the above list two things become quickly apparent. First, War Chalking will no longer have a song on this CD. In over 2 years, War Chalking has been unable to get together and record even 1 track. At this point, I regard the project as on indefinite hold.

Next, the only band on here not doing a D.A. tune is GridLink. GridLink is a new grind band with myself on vocals, Matsubara(Mortalized) on guitars, Terada(Melt Banana) on drums and a fella named Okada on bass. We are currently working on a 10 song CD for Hydrahead due to be recorded in late 2005. We'll be releasing more on this shortly. Keep your eyes on the Studio Grey homepage for more info soon.

May 7, 2004 War Chalking recording delayed
In news sure to make everyone less than happy the War Chalking recording is not going to happen as soon as we wanted. Witte has apparently broken his hand. Ouch. We'll record at some point when he heals up. No, really ^_- (in other news, BBTS love it when people go to see them and shout out D.A. song names :P)

March 28, 2004 War Chalking and the covers/remix CD
1,000 emails later, I finally have a moment to update the site. Sorry for the delay. We've got 70% of the cover songs in and we're only waiting on 2 more bands. War Chalking will finally hit the studio in May or June 2004, depending on BBTS tour schedule. Much to everyone's chagrin, we're only recording 1 song. Steve Procopio takes his time writing these things ^o^ (note. Steve originally estimated he'd have the song ready to go last May ^_-)

April 25, 2003 Reissues, new CD and War Chalking
Well the reissues are almost here. The proofs are due to arrive tomorrow or Monday from HH and then we'll be ready to go. In case you were in the dark about this, Hydrahead has finally acquired the rights to the first two DA CDs from Devour and they are coming back into print. Packaged again in DVD amray cases, each CD comes with a book over 25 pages long including all the lyrics, artwork and production/pressing info for the original releases. In addition, we've included the history of DA, told in two parts, one chapter in each CD.

That's not all though. At the end of 2003, early 2004 we will release one last DA CD that includes the Merzbow remix of TID, the cover we did of the Sega Bass Fishing song, several midi/electornic covers of our songs by Reason guru John Dreisbach, covers of several DA songs by some of our favorite bands(we'll list them when we get confirmation of everyone who's going to be in on the CD) and lastly a new song by War Chalking, our new band.

A few months ago news slipped out that we were doing a new band. The band is called War Chalking and the line-up is: Jon Chang(vocals), Dave Witte(drums), Steve Procopio(Guitar) and Ted Patterson(Bass). So that's two parts Discordance Axis, three parts Human Remains, a dash of Burnt by the Sun and you have War Chalking. The sound is still no-break twitch screaming grindcore, but the music is a lot different. Hard to explain actually. It should be interesting ^_^

November 24, 2002 Sold Out Again
We're out of DVDs again. Lumberjack has a few left though. Second pressing on the way.

October 30, 2002 In Search of Croy Sidor
Croy Sidor of Seattle, Washington please email me. Your copy of the Discordance Axis DVD has been returned to me as "Unknown Addressee".

October 23, 2002 Ooops, DVDs back in stock!
I just found 2 more cases of DVDs(60 copies)...they were stacked in the wrong place in my apartment, so I had no idea I even had them....

October 20, 2002 DVDs notes!
Greetings! Ok so we're almost out of DVDs. Actually we're down to like 15 copies. If you want one, please write now and send your order ASAP!

A few notes...People have written asking how access the mp3s on the DVD. Insert your DVD into a computer and view the contents in a window. You should see a directory called "DA MP3s". This contains mp3 versions of every track from the first two cds as well as the Sega Bass Fishing cover! Also it seems that some DVD players have difficulty navigating some of the are work arounds we discovered for the problems:

In the photo gallery if your player only loops the first two images use the the "play" button to advance to the next frame instead of the "right" directional button.

In the tablature and discography menu it is sometimes necessary to press the "right" directional button twice rather than once to advance to the next screen.

These problems have occured in only 2-3 instances so far and I have been able to reproduce the bug on my oldest DVD player but none of my newer ones (PS2 and the player inside of my Mac).

Also, apologies for any unanswered e-mail, our mail server is down at the moment :(

October 14, 2002 DVDs are here!
All orders ship tomorrow!

September 23, 2002 DVD NEWS!
The DVDs are finally about ready to go. We just signed off on the covers and approved the final master. We expect to receive delivery between October 7-10 and guess what? We're taking orders ^o^

In the USA send a $17(Canada $19, Europe $23 and Asia $25) to:

Jon Chang
290 Brook Dr
Milltown, NJ 08850

We are accepting US Postal Money Orders, international Postal Money Orders and Cash. As a bonus I discovered a cache of misprinted DA "pikachu" shirts from our record release show in 2000. I will include 1 free with every copy ordered till I run out! (backstory: the first lot of shirts we received were missing one of the golds designed into the shirt. We rejected the entire run and they were made anew for the show. These last shirts--like 10-- are all that remains of the misprints...)

You will receive a DVD as soon as we get them(and they all come here first ^_^) shipped priority mail to your doorstep. Just to remind you, the DVD contains:

  • Live in Tokyo 2001 --18 songs
  • 7.62 mm (recorded at CBGB the day after we recorded "Jouhou")--8 songs
  • Ikaruga --video version
  • Complete discography 1992-1996(list and MP3 format)
  • Art gallery --selected favs from over the years
  • Live photo gallery --collected since 1992
  • Tablature from the 1998 and 2001 tours --handwritten by Rob Marton

August 9, 2002 DVD NEWS!
OK, I know a lot of folks have written in repeatedly about the DVD and we've never had much info other than it's been done for almost 5 months and we've been waiting on Wicked Witch to get us the money to go into production.

Last week we spoke with Wicked Witch again to find out what was going on with the money and it is finally in place, however a new problem has reared its head. Distro. WW, being a Euro label, is having problems securing distro in the US and is currently trying to get things squared away since there is no place to cache overstock here.

What this means ultimately is more delays. I know that's not what anyone wants to hear. I'm extremely sorry for all this mess and I apologize to all of you for having to endure it. (This is actually the first time we've missed a ship date for a project of ours in 10 years and it's frustrating for us as well)

If things cannot be straightened up very soon, Hydrahead has committed to releasing the DVD in the US in Winter 2002 so it should be out no later than December 2002. The packaging is done, the DVD is done and we are ready to go...I will update soon.

With all this bad news comes some good news...Hydrahead has acquired the rights to the original two DA CDs and will be releasing them in Summer 2003 complete with new packaging, lyric inserts, etc. so no more copies of OSV on Ebay for $100. Additionally Hydrahead will be releasing a double 3" CD "very soon" with the Merzbow remix of TID on disc 1, followed by the release of Sega Bass Fishing, a remix of our song Ikaruga and 8-9 MIDI covers of our songs (submitted by a fan from Philly) on disc 2. The MIDI DA songs are a treat. Imagine Sega Genesis quality sound files with grind....pretty insane ^_^

April 23, 2002
Merzbow remix link repaired.

April 22, 2002
Lyrics for all the ep tracks are up. Coming this week, I finally repair the broken link for the Merz Remix.

April 7, 2002
Lyrics to Ulterior are up. I'll probablly break this stuff out onto its own section shortly.

April 5, 2002
The lyrics to Jouhou are now online, with some extra trivia about each song. I'll be getting the entire archive online in the next week or so, hopefully. This is part of our effort to allow people to have continued access to our music without the need to get killed on Ebay prices.

February 3, 2002
OK the DVD is done for real this time. Now to pick a manufacturer. D.A. collectors take note, Jouhou and Original Sound Version CD's are leaving somebody's collection for a mere $19 (as of today). Auction ends Feb 7, 2002. Good luck ^_-

September 1, 2001
Shirt orders are now closed. Those who wrote in will be receiving a e-mail shortly detailing final pricing etc.

December 7, 2001
The DA DVD is still undergoing fixes. We found a few technical problems with the menus(now fixed) and decided to re-edit a bunch of the footage. It also appears that DA will be handling US distro itself so keep your eyes here for more info. Japanese distro will be handled by HG Fact, as usual, and Wicked Witch in Europe.

September 1, 2001
Shirt orders are now closed. Those who wrote in will be receiving a e-mail shortly detailing final pricing etc.

August 20, 2001
The DVD has been completed. We'll be shipping everything off for final approval from Wicked Witch later this week.

In other news due to the unending stream of requests...we're doing one last shirt. It seems quite a few people never got a D.A. shirt and would like one. The new design is an image from the Ikaruga video and will cost $11 post paid in the USA. It is a full color design and can be viewed here. It will be preorder only. E-mail D.A. to sign up.

July 28, 2001
We've been broken up for a while now yet the mail keeps coming! ^_^

The D.A. DVD is almost complete. We are still putting the final touches on some of the extras which will include:

  • Live in Tokyo 2001 --18 songs
  • 7.62 mm (recorded at CBGB the day after we recorded "Jouhou")--8 songs
  • Ikaruga --video version
  • Complete discography
  • Art gallery --selected favs from over the years
  • Live photo gallery --collected since 1992
  • Tablature from the 2001 tour --handwritten by Rob Marton

Hydrahead may be doing a run of new D.A. tshirts. But then again... ^o^

May 5, 2001
We're back and we're out of shirts. 8 days till the end.

April 13, 2001
Off to Japan! We're also down to 3 more EKS shirts...Any e-mails over the next 2 weeks won't be getting prompt replies. ^^

March 20, 2001
As some of you may have heard, Rob Marton has been forced to leave Discordance Axis due to a medical condition where if exposed to loud noises/sounds (ala band practice, live shows, etc) he experiences pain throughout his body often including migraines that plague him for days after said exposure...

Steve Procopio(ex-human remains) has been practicing with us for several weeks now getting all the songs down and will be joining us in Japan as well as one last US gig on Sunday May 13 at CBGB in NYC. It will be a matinee show with D.A. going on around 8-9 PM.

After that the decision was made not to carry on without Rob so we're basically done with after that. We'ld like to take a moment to thank everyone who's helped us out over the years by doing distro, releasing records, booking shows etc. (too many to name here) and although we'll try to make sure the CDs stay in print, we probably will cease and desist other merch efforts such as shirts. For those of you who never got to see us we are still planning on releasing a DVD on Wicked Witch Records later this year that will have a live D.A. set on it.

Thanks for listening.

March 15, 2001
Order the DISCORDANCE AXIS : CORRUPTED : 324 / 3 way split (CD) from HG Fact direct. Release date : the end of April for $8(ppd:air). DA and Corrupted both have 2 new songs and 324 does 3 new songs.

TOKYO, 164-0013,

March 9, 2001
Shirts have arrived. We have about 1/2 dozen extra of each in size XL. Please write if interested.

March 4, 2001
New songs are recorded. We'll have them online soon.

Some people have enquired about the D.A. "Reincarnation" CDs that show up online every so often. This CD is one of the 2nd run of "Jouhou" CDs which had the covers incorrectly folded by the mfg. Other than the mistake on the covers these are identical to the standard version Jouhou CDs.

For all interested here's our discography/story...

February 26, 2001
Just some summation to clean this page up ^^

T-shirts orders are closed. In case you're curious here's the designs we created for the Japan tour...we may have a few extras after the tour.

D.A. will be entering the studio on March 3 to record 2 new pieces for a split CD with Corrupted and 324. The new tracks are called Ikaruga and Berserk.

Also a bit of expansion on why we cancelled our US shows. Aside from being very strapped for time there were two other reasons we cancelled the shows. As a general rule we don't like to play out or practice old material alot as it is very draining and we tend to lose some of our enthusiasm and energy if we play too many shows in a row. It's also one of the reasons we've never toured the USA. Odds are we will not be doing another performance until next year or whenever we get to work on our new record. We will also be looking to do a much different live show incorporating artworks and design to a space before we go in and play it. Think Peking Opera meets Blade Runner meets Radiant Silvergun and you might be getting warm.

Japan tour dates.

  • 4 / 19 Shinjuku Antiknock (TOKYO)
  • 4 / 20 Shinjuku Antiknock (TOKYO)
  • 4/21 Huck Finn (NAGOYA)
  • 4/22 Fandango (OSAKA)

Since it's become a fan favorite here's the latest top 10.

  • "House of Leaves" by Mark Z. Danielewski
  • Sex Machineguns "SHR" Mini-CD
  • FLCL Vol 5 DVD
  • Honor Harrington series by David Weber
  • Space Crusier Yamato series 2 DVD box
  • "Fight Club" OST CD by the Dust Brothers
  • "Mars Matrix/GigaWing 2" OST CD
  • 324/Corrupted tracks for 3 way split CD
  • Sin & Punishment(N64)
  • Mac OSX developers beta

If you are looking for out of print D.A. 7"/12" vinyl click here for my present trade list.

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