Notes: Like so many of the other DA releases, when we got to the studio, the songs changed. The music, the lyrics...everything. This is the most accurate representation of what is on the old records. Some of it is kind of embarrassing now but bear with me. It was the early 90's ^_- Thanks to the power of this should also be typo free. I've appended each song with a few stories, notes, etc. Hopefully you'll find them enjoyable as well ^_^

Vertigo Index
Alienation washes over me, downloading world apartment horror
Wheezing through tea stained lungs comes a voice piped in from a vacuum

A tiled grove of telephone wires, rabbit ears and power lines
Insinuated in the residential disintegration that assassinates the sky

And now my being is networked
To be shared among us all.
And my world falls back into place
Or do I fall back into place
In my world.

Notes. This one was written only 2 or 3 weeks before we recorded Jouhou. We finished it in the studio after like 30-40 takes. The lyrics had to be completely redone since there was a whole ending to this song(another 5-10 seconds) that we chopped off at the studio. The song didn't have any resolution without the last measure so I rewrote this on the spot, based on the original.

Plain clothes
Duck decoys
Continue steady
Rapt in the expansion
Of an impregnable circle

Imminent circle

Canceled eyes scan
For like minded divorce
A dance with the damned with carpal tunnel syndrome
My binary self-portrait operates like a traffic jam
With obsessive resolution...pressing on.

Step up foresighted blindness to a Panopticism
Player piano spits out Pollyana noise
Rehearsing for the death...of Gilgamesh.

Growing out of patterns of ruin and grey into a knot that resolves itself
But lifeless to your touch, I am content to distribute torque.

Notes. This was written as three separate songs by Rob and Dave and then reassembled into Panoptic by Witte later. We would record our entire practice session, then take the tapes and splice songs together out of the cool parts. There were so many versions of this song written (lyrically) that I mixed 2-3 versions of the song by accident when recording it. By the time I finally got this one, I was so exhausted I didn't want to do it again so this version stands. Every time we played it live, I always screwed it up differently. Whoops. There a bunch of references to Philip K Dick and assorted DC comics in this song.

Aperture of Pinholes
Eyeless turrets survey
Picture perfect soot post cards
Flat silvers, dull panes
Anti-personnel impersonal
Do paper targets
Get a premonition
Up and down
Escher's chutes and ladders?

Clay pigeons on hangars
Track left and down, zoom the finder
Every inch fortified
By its aperture

How long spent against the grain
Before concrete soul gives way
In concerted surrender we play dead but never really die

Notes. I end songs with the word "die" way too much. My metal roots show through again. Sigh. The lyrics for this one came from looking at an MC Escher exhibition right after reading "Now Wait for Last Year" by PKD.

Information Sniper
Reassure my, security obsession
Beneath column headers and appraisals
Pages and pages to define
The eclipse of averages
Intently grinding in a circle
Piece by...piece
There's no joy on the nail head
When the hammer hits.

Dutifully hand over
Or regularly confiscated
A hit forfeited for a delusion
Or extra paranoia insecurity

Notes. Originally released on the Melt Banana split 7", it was the first song we wrote after break-up number 3 (the one after Ulterior for those of you keeping count). This grew to be a "fan fav" and I've heard over a dozen covers of it via tape trades and MP3's mailed my way.

Carcass Lottery
Paper covers rock
Rock blunts stone
Paper covers rock
Paper covers rock
Paper cuts rock
Trading paper cuts

Tattooed design
Name fucking
Dearly ordained
Gouged out behind

But am I
Privy to your
Anemic antipathy
Vacuum ready

Paper covers rock
Paper covers rock
Paper covers rock
Paper cuts rock
Paper cuts scissors
Rock blunts stone

A legible price quote the only death certificate
Throat slit silent, spin the wheel of misfortune

Carcass lottery one room four walls
When displacement takes you out, on the killing floor.

Notes. This song made sense to me at one point. Now I read it and can barely tell what the hell I was thinking. I do know at some point the second measure made sense. It may be because I had to rewrite half the song in the studio as Mr Witte changed the time sig for the "mosh" measure as we were recording it. It was/is really hard to sing to. Live we always played it without the weird time changes and it sounds better.

Come Apart Together, Come Together Alone
Engineer the archetype of forgery
With insistent protocols that won't take no
Technical support is complimentary
In suicide parlors where channel surfing is vogue

Admire the diorama of a sweetened death
From behind a blindfold, a smile fixed in nails
Borrow emptiness and make it yours
But dot the i's and cross the t's
Scoring the wings of angels to feather and bone
With scotch tape and paper clippings
Mind gets recycled backwards
Through the navigational delusion
Until this trojan hearse
It terminates...its thread.

Notes. This is so "Fahrenheit 451" and "Brazil" it's almost embarrassing. I think the opening was written by Rob after I introduced him to Minor Threat. On another note, I use the word "delusion" way too much on this record. Thank god you can't understand most of the words anyways ^_^

Rain Perimeter
I hear the

Drawn to the clouds

Violently dilapidated ozone
Can't hold ultraviolet from the sun back
In anticipation of a dead half life
Chlorine deep inside of me
This pale outcropping of water
Sounds a death rattle for us all

For everything a last time.

Notes. Inspired by Neal Stephenson's book "Zodiac". After reading that I went out and did a stack of research into the effects of PCBs when not properly disposed of. FUBAR doesn't even begin to describe that situation. A bit of trivia, on the first DA vid (that we sold at Fiesta Grande) when we play this song you can hear me and Rob going into Panoptic and Dave starting this. Whoops.

A Broken Tomorrow
Cat scans inside, conducted, without soul, or are you
Deep inside, piece of you, fragmentation, variant
Sunbaked you, fossil soul, counts misfortune, one minute old
After you've, hacked your way in, you can show, yourself.
The fucking way out.

Information jet lag
Kills me on a dime
Riding mice
Into a brave new world.

Notes. The original words to this made, really. Well at least more sense than this. But once again the original flow didn't work as well when we got to the studio and heard them naked against the music. So I improvised the whole part. Never did it the same way twice live either, except for the last measure and the "After you've hacked..." part. This is another song that was severely chopped in the studio. Originally there were two more parts after the "end" of the song...they were blasting but the song is actually better without them. You can hear the intro to this song on several other CDs/records as it has been copied by a bunch of other bands (grind, metal, etc). Have a good laugh when you hear them.

Attrition Infinity
I recall tomorrow presently, corpse to corpse
Like cut out paper knitted close tied dead souls
Chain smoking number crunchers, one step forward two steps back

I've grown fluent in a language
Whose literacy is classified.
Death glossed over into joint

Notes. Written in the studio. Wins vote for the song we wish could've left off this CD. Not bad but so obviously filler.

Nikola Tesla

Notes. Our first collaboration with Merzbow. I remixed about 30 seconds of a DAT Masami sent me and interspersed it with samples from my fav video game of the time, Gun Griffon for the Sega Saturn. This was played as an intro live when we played the Fiesta Grande in 97.

Flow My tears The Policeman Said
Information certainly detained
Paranoia near omniscient
Updated files accessorize
Flow my tears, the policeman said.

Flow my tears
Along the platform track, narrow blind line
Hostage management a formula, for a new kind of lifeless life

Assimilation seen through
To an incomplete, a prototype, rote.
Infocentric time line driven
Ready? Die.

Notes. Originally from the split 7" with Plutocracy, we were playing it so much faster and nosier live I wanted to re-record it. Instead it turned out to be too noisy. Dave couldn't hear Rob and end the song on time so he played it "clean". Just another road stop on our trip to disaster that the "Jouhou" recording session was. Once again I end a song on "die". Pitiful.

A triage of thought
Stripped down to syllables
Each character, each letter
Every word

Cataracts, in a doll's eyes
Coded into dialects, diverging vernacular

Duality intrinsic
Stitch me together
Yet I fault you
For even trying

Cataracts, in a doll's eyes
Silhouettes, that destroy themselves

Equally stalemated
In the opposite direction
And to this tower of babble
I pay homage,
To rape the senses.

I fall short
Into emulsion scratched
Have a good look now (Bats)
Because both sides match.

Notes. Inspired by the fate of Harvey Dent, aka Two Face, in the first chapter of Dark Knight Returns. Also there was a bit of Roland Barthes floating around in my head. I always thought he was over rated but made some interesting points. This was Rob and Dave's favorite song going into the session and one of the few we nailed on take number one.

Damage Style
Information gophers set in sightless task
To doctor my history and bug my dreams
Carefully placing the wire tap
So I'm at my peak when I'm on my knees

Fanatically crank out a record as a witness for you
Just you and every word, my guess is this, I am a worm.

Damage Style

Asthmatic threshold
Is the spearhead against my second wind
Merry go nowhere routine
It's all...end.

Notes. Blast, blast, blast. I intentionally FUBAR the scream in the song since it's about my shitty health in case you were wondering. Another product of tape splicing.

Aether Scalpel
I sip lithium from the nape of a glass
As is standard operating procedure

Aether Scalpel

Gaslight powers vision as clackers count
Atom-ic minutes
Championing the cluastrolodex
Shredding teeth like documents

Authored by circuits between the churning threads
Air grows thin
And the band plays on with

Three blind mice (x4)

Ice-driver rivets
Hack network dolls
Into scaffolds

Notes. As we were screaming through random garbage at one session, Rob started playing the part that came to be known as "three blind mice". I guess in retrospect it barely sounds like that calypso piece but we thought it was the best thing since sliced bread at the time. Ever since, we've always had Mexican hat dance blast parts on every record ^_- Also features our first emo part ^_^ (or so we've been told anyways).

A Crack in the Cataracts
Depleted uranium in chrome and snow
The cutting edge is bleeding

Concertina like clipper chips
Trash your soul till it's no more

Thrown by arthritis appended with obsolescence
Just don't fall down the rabbit hole to hell
Another crack in the cataracts
So brilliantly dull
It's just a white out

Notes. The tape splice strikes again. Harder to play than you would think too.

Going back forth at the indelible pace of erasure, stifled and filed human staple
Paper weights
Into everything at once, now
Well all chime in like metronomes, fluent in scale, submerged in mercurochrome, dribbling air
Blind deafen deaden, a new retreat syndrome, that acknowledges compression, with a nod its head
Just the same
Statistical chains are fitted with teeth, in a harping audit that never will end
To calculate
The value
Of life's net worth.
Ambient claustrophobia hangs like a drop of ink in the air beneath dead halogens
Bound to expire.

Notes. I always liked the words to this one. One of the better songs in that department. This was another marathon song that took like a dozen tries to record. I think it was so hot and shitty in the studio by the time we got this far (we recorded this album in order and the AC failed the first day we got there) we had to break for the day or kill each other. I know for myself, I had clearly gone insane by this point.

Ashtray Ballpoint
Scuffed displays, care take artifacts
Of dandelion seed and bone
Condensations forms on a metal skin
A piece of something, in a mercurochrome

Melting ice cubes at room temperature
A finite suffering prolonged
The desiccated sperm of Prometheus
Some ashes for you to dine on.

Into the middle
Of nowhere

Notes. My fav song on the LP, this also appeared on "The Good, The Bad and The Ugly" 7" comp put out by a friend of ours, Rene, in Germany. This guy was die hard, he flew over to see us play at least 2-3 times. Really nice fellow. His label, Insolito, is still active I think.

In the pilot tunnel
Arranged printers blocks
Slowly deranged
Contours twice removed
Amputated from myself
Asbestos head rush
Flushes memory
Registration marks
(Of) memory.
People fonts
Scaled to one.

Disposal protocols for a human typo
In a library operating backwards.

Notes. Rob Marton's epic thrash trilogy brought to life. In the hiatus between the Pluto/Banana session and the Jouhou session Rob wrote this. It was the first song he wrote entirely on his own and was the beginning of totally new working methodology for the band when we started work on TID 3 years later. If you listen carefully you can hear the two guitar tracks are off just a hair from one another giving the song a weird effect if you listen with head phones. No one noticed this at the time as we were so wired on Mountain Dew and Jolt that we just wanted to keep bolting through stuff(we went through over 10 cases in 3 days recording Jouhou). My obsession with typography comes through on this one big time.

This broken arrow points to nowhere
Close ended, clusterfucked and emotionally plowshared
Glove compartments and paper clipped files
Conjugated heart can't even sigh.

Tapping catheter in rolling black out grids
Survey the blood, a labor of old
To what end do you pyramid?

Another entry in the phone book
With paperwork always a given
Every form filled out in triplicate squared
Intense pacing of attrition

Inside out
Of a digitally retouched identity

A choppy ending
With synch sound rekeyed
Foreshortened autonomy
I reciprocate beat.

Notes. I love this one but we always played it way faster live. When we were touring with Steve Procopio, after Rob quit the band, he refused to play the rock'n'roll ending that we all found so hilarious (and a nice pause between this and "Appleseed" which normally followed it live).

Reincarnation, is a dead refrain
So this what it's like to be a butterfly

Is this the gift of fire?
Or the making of a perfect diamond
Digital climber plummets
In a canceled dive.

Like a flower petal in autumn I'm brittle to the touch disintegrating the pieces swim.

Intelligent toasters, troubleshoot through caffeine
Backwards engineering a death span, without dreams.

Invisible shadows slip into mirrors through ceilings and out into floors.

Notes. The last song on the LP was another "fan fav" and we played it at every show after we wrote it. We were going to play it on the last tour but we forgot to relearn it. Whoops. This song also had a much longer break in the middle (the whole bridge between the thrash beat and final blast part was like 2-3 times longer but we killed it before we got to the studio). It's much better shorter ^_^ The whole ending is inspired by an anime called "Magnetic Rose" by Koji Morimoto.

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