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Notes: This is all the eps and stuff not in the other two master lyric sheets. The list is chronological. There are a few exceptions such as "Cataract" from the aborted second LP recording, which I have no idea what the lyrics were anymore. Also the "Necropolitan" ep version of "The Inalienable Dreamless", which has the same words as the LP version but in a different arrangement. I also didn't bother to print lyrics to the covers, but I included little stories about them ^_^

Stencilled identity symmetrically anonymous
Counterfeited dreams evict mind
Tenets of euthanasia carry out your

Dangling lifeless on a marionettes jig
Violated identity begins to wave
Self begins to fall apart

Notes. One of the original 3 songs we wrote. I always a warm spot for this one but I think Dave hated it haha This was from the days when we wrote songs: voivod 4, blast 8, voivod 2. Any strange part was referred to as a Voivod part, anything with mid paced beats was called a Slayer part and the blast parts were...blast parts ^o^ It appeared on the first "demo", the split with Cosmic Hurse, the split with Hellchild and the OSV CD collection.

Parliament of Anonymity
Scarecrows dance
On an electrified fence
Acknowledge subservience
With a pledge of subordinance

I submit to the decorum of the parliament of anonymity

Notes. The last verse of this is sung in a different order on every record. On the split with Def Master it's sung "I submit to the of parliament...anonymity." Don't ask, I have no answers ^o^ Originally inspired by the story "The Parliament of Rooks", this song was on the split with Cosmic Hurse, the split with Def Master, and there were several other versions on the OSV CD.

Macro (formerly Macropolitical Drama)
Foundation still standing
Auger creeping
Geared up for what's perceived to be
A preemptive war

Buffer zones
Islands of concrete
In a sea of tears

Held accountable to a seige of authority
Allied union septic discord enthrall
Practicing diplomacy of walls of confinement
Winding down into turmoil

Notes. I've heard a lot of covers of this song. I think it's out most covered song after Info Sniper. Anyways this was inspired by an old comic book called Albedo Anthropomorphics by Steve Gallaci which is in turn inspired by the events of the cold war...It features lots of classically bad lines such as the entire last verse except for the last line. Sigh...It appeared on the split with Cosmic Hurse, the split with Hellchild, the split with Capitalist Causalities and the OSV CD.

My Neighbor Totoro

Notes. The guys wrote this thinking I'd never let them record it but I surprised everyone by saying, "Sure, it rocks". We played it a few times live because people were actually shouting it out at our shows?! Inspired by the anime "My Neighbor Totoro", this one appears on the OSV CD and the split with Def Master.

Blindfold drawn taught a catalyst for stagnation
Befit anonymity ascribed to rote
Hypocritical instinct guides towards assigned delusion
Arrested thoughts follow itineraries traced along walls.

Stylized crucifixion nestled in their feign
Swing of the pendulum in sync with the grindstone
Clotting the flow of information
Encrypted range of ones and zeroes.

Notes. Actually I like the words to this one, a rare event in the case of our older material such as this. Hypocritical instinct however is a Multiplex song, so I tip my hat ^_- One of our first tunes about information as power. This one was improvised and came out pretty well I think. Appears on the OSV CD and the split with Def Master.

Employing our lives
In the harsh subroutines
Of slavery
Ensuing death from stress
And all your problems
Is only so much
Pins and needles

Scurry into the rat race at the sound of an alarm clock
Field of an operative vacuum
Comforted by the permanence
Of unending crucifixion

Mothballed refugees
Of a discarded life
Plucking raw nerves
In a smoke screen.

Notes. Originally written in the second batch of DA tunes back in 93 it underwent a few changes that can be heard in the differences between the original version and the split with Def Master version. I like some lines in this one but not all of them. Dave loved this one and we used to play it all the time. Originally recorded for the split with Hellchild it was unreleased till we came out with it on the split with Def Master. The original is only released on the OSV CD.

Gimmie Gimmie Gimmie
(originally by Black Flag)

Notes. The Black Flag classic. The guy at the beginning is Steve Evetts who engineered/recorded a lot of our stuff. He's since done Sepultura records and all kinds of other really terrible big money metal crap. This was played live a bunch of times in Japan but never live with Witt. On the Def Master split and the OSV CD.

Slipped in
Half blind to the slot
Rotating device
Fires its
Sodium Pentothal


Words in a tract of mind
Sold at a loss

But I fail to remember

Notes. We improvised this one with Rob Proctor in Japan. It sounded pretty good so we added it to the roster when we got back and Dave wanted to do DA again. We only played it live with him 1-2 times. On the split with Plutocracy and the DA 2.0b/Jouhou CD.

Eye Gag
Masses of numbness thriving on yawn

Thirst for dull, taste for numb.

Notes. Something like 6 seconds long. On the split with Plutocracy and the DA 2.0b/Jouhou CD.

Area Trinity
An exact terminus
Deposits Cesium 1-3-7
Into acres of dead ash
Endowed with cancer
As the ground
Crumbles beneath our feet
Farming out the Earth's marrow
A litmus tested metaphor
Proven for conscienceless rape

Serial catastrophe
Cumulatively irreparable damage
Destruction has set
A limitless bound

China syndrome
Green peace

Notes. Another song inspired by the "Nuclear Landscapes" book by Peter Goin, a photo documentary of the many nuclear test and waste disposal sites left in the wake of our history. On the split with Plutocracy and the DA 2.0b/Jouhou CD.

Process to scan lines and monitor absinthe
Complicated knots, autonomic still
Amplifying delusion
Into my absolute stagnation

Combing selectively with informed amnesia
Deflated independence, sigh to growl
Scan lines etch a digital time killer
Mind sweeping aperture, clues me out
Viciously passive, in the shellac of routine
As the spokes address

Voice over dubbed in, numb existence key
Mirror image, that's never really free

Notes. Some great riffs, ok words and a mediocre assembly. I really love the second riff in this song. This was in heavy live rotation on the Melt Banana/DA US tour in 95. Thanks for coming...both of you ^o^ Last song on the split with Plutocracy and the DA 2.0b/Jouhou CD.

Amphetamine Hollow Tip
Amphetamine chaser inspires insomnia
Like a broken record repeating a pattern of death
Sleep deprivations spawns awkward dementia
Of high tension toxic, hollow tip ethic

Groping for closure
An extension of quota gate
Going to what lengths
To confirm a presumption of death

Coordinate a diet based around pills
A feasibility study of production enhancement
Many a false step is made standing still
Scuttle watch worry mind fuck again and again

Groping for closure
An extension of quota gate
Going to what lengths
To confirm a presumption of death

Again and again

Notes. Hardest DA riff to play. We almost never played it right either haha The only DA song with a chorus. Take me to the gallows. I hate songs where the lyrics are just repeated again and again...choruses don't bother me but when every verse is the same...that's just lazy. On the split with Melt Banana and the DA 2.0b/Jouhou CD.

Concrete source from
Tinges in the grey rain of subsequent instances
Abdomens buck
Its endless overpopulation onslaught
Horizons drum with surrender
To hurtling structures in limitless eruption
City streets outstretch teeming
In the activity of its design
The activity of its design


Notes. Rob Marton wrote the lyrics to this since I actually hate this song ^o^ Many say it's our most catchy song. I always thought it sounded too upbeat but what do I know ^_^ The unintelligible line is there because I honestly have no idea what, if anything, I growled there. I actually sung the part too fast but didn't want to bail out because it sounded so good overall. The second scream has another behind it...that's from a scrapped vocal track. Appears on the split with Melt Banana and the DA 2.0b/Jouhou CD.

So Unfilial Rule
Go bug Melt Banana for the words.

Notes. When we decided to do a split with MB we wanted to cover one of their songs. They in turn decided to cover "One-D" from "Ulterior". Oddly I ended up liking their version of "One-D" better than ours and our version of "So Unfilial" better than theirs. Whoops. Appears on the split with Melt Banana and the DA 2.0b/Jouhou CD.

Junk Utopia
Pipe dreams and amnesia ceilings coordinate my subordination
Movement I recommend
Bullet proof heart, disordered head

The perfect compliment In the cross hairs of Promethean scope
Propaganda is omnipotent
Dote on every whim

Pipe dreams and amnesia ceilings coordinate my subordination
Spoonfed sawdust
Glares nest
Mental screen saver
Without reverse means

Notes. My fascination with the word amnesia must've followed my over use of the word "delusion". Sigh. Mental screen saver is actually something I saw in Calvin and Hobbes when I was little kid. I never noticed it till I was reading through one of my C&H collections a few weeks ago. I can't believe I still remember the words to these things. Appears on the split with Melt Banana and the DA 2.0b/Jouhou CD.

Decapitated body
Of information
Reassembled wrong into a smile
I always took this
Prescribed carcinogen
And watched my aura
Fall to grey
Delusional liaisons for spring loaded images
Stalking words

Dry lunged from tranquility
Cancer clustered, going nowhere fast
Turn style
Unfree mentality am I suspect?

Life tuned to a time table
Scourge rhythm, accelerated
Discordance axis spinning
Like a roulette wheel

I'm a split personality torn
In between a flat calm null
Awestruck and spellbound
I can only watch

Notes. I think this was my fav song, lyrically, up until we recorded TID. I spent a lot of time with this one. It changed dramatically when we recorded it too...we had a lot of problems with it and tended not to play it live very often. Appears on the split with Melt Banana and the DA 2.0b/Jouhou CD.

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