Trade List
In the past many people have asked to trade for/buy our old 7" eps and 12" LPs. Here's the current list of things I'm looking for. If you've got any of it and want to trade drop a line... I have 2-3 trade copies of all our stuff left.

1. Armored Trooper Votoms
Cels, toys, artbooks. You name it. Get in touch.

2. Venus Wars items
I have a bunch but I'm always looks for more. ^_^ Models, toys, books, etc...

3. DoDonpachi Arcade Board
Original PCB board by Cave wanted.

4. Storm of Progear Arcade Board
Original PCB board by Cave wanted. Also looking for any art/posters.

A lot of this stuff may be easy to come by. In fact a lot of it as readily available in places such as Mandarake' or elsewhere online. Good hunting, if you want something specific write and I can tell you what it would take from the above list to get it. ^_^









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