split 7" with Cosmic Hurse. run of 500. recorded 1992, released 1993. Pulp Records.
Notes. This was originally going to be our only recording. There are 5-6 unreleased tracks we mixed from this recording but we lost the original DATS so they remain unreleased. (in all honesty they weren't so great ^^)

split 7" with Hellchild. run of 2000. recorded 1993, released 1993. HG Fact.
Notes. This 7" was recorded as part of an LP we were going to release but we got into a fight in the studio and broke up half way through it only to reform again about 3 months later when we decided to try it again. All the extra tracks for this were later released on the Original Sound Version 1992-1995 CD. There are two cover variants, same art differnt colors(dark and light purple).

va/ World H.C. CD. run of ???. recorded 1993(Hellchild session), released 1995. Discrete Records.
Notes. We got on this compilation by accident. I seem to recall writing to a member of Beyond Description who was organizing this CD, we sent our DAT then I never heard from him for 2 years. Then one day I got a letter in the mail from someone I'd never heard of(and never heard from since) that it was being released and then we got 20 copies.

split 7" with Capitalist Causalities. run of 225(approx). recorded live 1993, released 1994. Pulp Records.
Notes. We recorded this live on a radio show in NJ. It was fun. Capitalist had this scorchingly raw live tape so we decided to do a split of it but we figured it was pretty rough around the edges so we only made 200. There was a press over run and we ended up with an extra 25 or so copies which I gave to Mike from CC and he "re-released" those copies with an alternate cover that was pretty hilarious. The covers were very low-tech(re. xerox machine running out of toner) but I kind of liked that look ^^ The stickers have nothing on them but some of them have writings, drawings, rubber stamps, etc...I did something different on almost every one.There are like 50 copies with something carved into the vinyl matrix on the D.A. side. Again it was something different for each and I can't remember for the life of me what any of them said.

split 7" with Def Master. run of 2000. recorded 1994(Ulterior session), released 1994. HG Fact.
Notes. After we recorded the LP we remixed it. This had already gone out so it has the original mix for the LP which had NO bass at all in the mix. The song "Settlement" was improvised. We broke up again after this recording but more on this soon. The cover art is by a rather famous Japanese manga artist and was picked out by Tadashi Satoh. I'm not real fond of it and there were was an edition of 10 covers I remade by hand, each unique.

Ulterior LP. run of 4000. recorded 1994, released 1995. Devour/Pulp Records.
Notes. When we recorded this stuff Rob's head was broken aka the distortion wasn't on. Many people seem to think that sets this record apart. Dave quit after this recording to focus on Human Remains and we went through several drummers trying to find someone to replace him. We ended up with Rob Proctor(Assuck) playing for us on our Japan tour in 1995 at which point Dave rejoined and the soap opera that is D.A. resumed again.

split 7" with Plutocracy. run of 3000(?). recorded 1995, released 1995. Slap a Ham.
Notes. We had meant to record this with our LP but we didn't have enough songs. The first track on here was actually written when Rob Proctor was in the band. Several songs on here remained in heavy live rotation for 2-3 years. Oddly enough this was supposed to be an Assuck/Pluto split 7" but Assuck never got around to recording their side...

split 7" with Melt Banana. run of 2000. recorded 1995(pluto session), released 1995. HG Fact.
Notes. We met Melt Banana in Japan in 1995 and decided to a split together shortly after. We both sort of cover each others songs ^_^. Right after this recording Rob developed tendonitis and we had to retire the band for quite a while. We had to cancel a planned collaboration with Masami Akita because of this, though we remain friends to this day and have done several live collaborations and remixes with him.

v/a Oh Great Blue Thing CD. run of 2000. re-released tracks from pluto/melt ban splits, released 1996. Oh Great Blue Thing records.
Notes. My good friend Jim Pernicone wanted to release a sampler CD of as yet unheard of bands. He asked me to put together a bunch of groups that I liked for a CD and I managed to assemble quite a group of artists to appear: Melt Banana, Multiplex, The Sleepwalk, Merzbow, Spine Wrench, Def Master, Tatsuya Yoshida, Yeah, Ten Yen Anakinoko and the Love Apaches. Our two tracks are re-released from the splits with Melt Banana and Plutocracy.

Jouhou LP. run of 4000. recorded 1996, released 1997. Devour.
Notes. This album was the closest we ever came killing each other. We drove to Boston and recorded it with Bill T Miller in June in a space with no air conditioning. I had to re-do the vocals 3 times, finally re-doing them again at Trax East for the final version and mix. Rob quit the band 2 months later to be replaced(temporarily) by Steve Procopio(at that time fresh from quitting Human Remains). During the next 6 months we played more shows than we ever had(almost 20 shows). Since then we have never done so much playing out and probably never will again.

Necropolitan 7". run of 3000. recorded 1997, released 1997. HG Fact.
The only studio work we did with Steve playing. It was recorded at Ted Patterson's house. It also features a version of Leaden Stride to Nowhere with Merzbow accompanying. Drowned and Leaden were Rob Marton songs, while version one of The Inalienable Dreamless was a Steve thing that we later changed when Rob re-joined and we reformed in late 1998. There is some other sample driven stuff (similar to Nikola Tesla from Jouhou)and an electro study we did that is err...hopefully bearable. One of the two things we never re-released.

v/a The Good the Bad and the Ugly. run of ???. re-released song from Jouhou, released 1998. Insolito.
Notes. Cool comp 7" with some assorted vinyl/cover variants floating around...I have at least black vinyl with paper sleeve and clear vinyl with transparent sleeve.

2.0b Jouhou CD. run of 2000. recorded 1995-7, released 1998. Devour.
Has the Jouhou LP with proper mastering(I have come to despise the vinyl mastering process since we did this CD). Also contains the splits with Melt Banana and Pluto, plus a live bonus track from our last show in Tokyo in 1998(which is total improv). Some odd notes about this CD. No versions of it contain the correct back cover. No versions have the correct lyric sheets and no versions have the correct insert artwork. Not only that, the second run(2000 made) of this CD has the booklet folded completely incorrectly so it is often mistaken as being titled "Reincarnation". This CD took over 1 year to release due to the incompetence of the printers and mfg company that produced this CD. It is slated for re-issue with Hydrahead sometime in the future(no idea when).

7.62mm Video. run of approx 30. recorded 1996, released 1997.
2 days before we were headed out to play the Fiesta Grande I was told the guy producing our t-shirts for the show in CA was asking almost $15 per shirt to produce after quoting the price at $5 originally. Naturally we told him to go to hell and then we "mass" produced these vids the night before I flew out. The video was actually something we just wanted to make and had no idea how we would ever distribute it...I have no idea exactly how many we ran off but I hear some of them wouldn't play in people's VCRs! (not sure if this was because of the tape, the dub or the fact that the picture is so degraded in this that TV just gave up trying to interpret the signal which I've actually seen happen)

v/a Snarl Out pt. 2. run of 500. recorded 1995, released 1998. Slightly Fast Records.
2 live tracks from a US show we played with Borbetomagus and Grief in someone's basement in 1995. The other thing we never re-released (it was actually supposed to be on OSV 92-95 but we ran out of room on the CD).

Original Sound Version 1992-1995 CD. run of 1000. recorded 1992-1995, released 1998. Devour.
Our last project with Devour before the owner, Yas Koketsu, returned to Japan. This has just about everything we did from 1992-1995 on it(sans the Snarl Out pt 2 comp tracks). There is also the original version of Alzheimer with Rob Proctor playing on it, a live show we played in 1995 at CBGB in NYC, the unreleased tracks from the Hellchild recording session and our first ever rehearsal. This CD is mistakenly called "Sound Only" because that's what's printed on the back. It is slated for re-issue with Hydrahead sometime in the future(no idea when).

v/a Fiesta Comes Alive. run of ???(CD and vinyl). recorded 1997, released 1999. Slap A Ham records.
has the live track Panoptic from when we played the Fiesta in 1997. Not exactly the best quality but it's got some teeth to it ^^

v/a Hydrahead Sampler CD title ???. re-release from Jouhou, released 1999. Hydrahead.
Has the song Rain Perimeter on it and is labeled Panoptic. tsk tsk. Though I have never even seen this it is actually an "official release".

The Inalienable Dreamless CD. run of 5000(1st). recorded 1999, released 2000. Hydrahead.
We spent 2 years writing this. Our previous efforts were all put together within 5 months. Our longest record. We came up with and designed all the packaging ideas which were then approved(thank you sooo much) by Hydrahead. Ever since the release of TID I've seen several CDs start to come packaged that way.

The Inalienable Dreamless Perfect Version Box. run of 6 copies.
Contains both the CD and vinyl version of TID plus a ltd edition of 8 DVD(thanks to Bryan Sours) of our live video 7.62mm(directed by Craig Schober who is working on our new live DVD) and a MD version of the TID remixed by Merzbow. These cost over $500 each to make, the box is pretty sweet ^_^ We gave 1 to Tadashi from HG Fact, one to Hydrahead, kept 1 each and then gave 1 away, via raffle, at our record release show in June 2000 at CBGB.

The Inalienable Dreamless LP. run of 2000(with 100 clear). recorded 1999, released 2000. Hydrahead.
Vinyl came after the CD. 'nuff said.

v/a Hydrahead Sampler CD title ???. re-release from TID, released 1999. Hydrahead.
A split sampler CD with Tortugana(?) records. Has the song Radiant Arkham from TID on it. Not essential.

v/a Universal Century Series Termination. run of ???. recorded 2001, released 2001. HG Fact.
A 3 way split CD for our upcoming Japan tour with tracks by Corrupted, D.A. and 324. Scheduled for released April 2001.

Live in Japan DVD title TBA. recorded 2001, released 2001(hoepfully). Wicked Witch Records.
In production for release in 2001. Directed and filmed by Craig Schober.









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