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Projects :: Animation
Scratch Trigger Era :: Studio Grey's first Original Video Animation, we're hoping to have epsiode one done for Christmas. The entire series is scripted, storyboarded, etc.

Sawtooth :: Originally slated to begin production last year, Sawtooth was delayed in favor of Scratch Trigger Era, while the technology needed to power Sawtooth(a custom renderer for Maya) is being written. Sawtooth's script and storyboards are presently completed and it is ready to begin production.

Cerberus :: Cerberus is a series developed back in the days when I(JC) worked at a web shop in Silicon Alley called Interactive8, inc. Cerberus was an ongoing web comic that used to appear frequently in the gallery of a section of a site called BeyondWeird.com (now under new management). All the different comics have been archived here.


Projects :: Games
The Last Enemy :: A mod for the FPS SOF2. A high realism military game, The Last Enemy takes place during a small war between the US, the Russians and China in the year 2004. Studio Grey designed the website, wrote the scenario, is providing 3d models, textures, etc.

KETM :: Top scrolling shooter currently in development for Linux/Mac OSX and Windows.

Ronin :: When RoninMud needed a facelift that was going to be really gritty they came to Studio Grey. We designed their new look and characters. However, gameplay is still handled by the original creators ^_^


Projects :: Music
Discordance Axis :: The grindcore ninja commando team lives on(line).

324 :: Tokyo grind core unit 324 are just about the fastest thing their side of the Pacific. Studio Grey released and distributes their first LP, "Sun of Desecration".

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Projects :: Fan Sites
DEHc-3 Halo :: When Bgunie's game Halo was first announced several years ago...we were all rabidly interested in it. When development was switched to the Xbox we were less interested in it and as our interests waned, the site fell to the roadside. Halo is still coming to the Mac platform next year, but since then we all have gotten Xboxes(for Tekki--expect fan site soon after release ^o^) and Halo 2 has been announced. Halo 2 looks amazing, but alas DEHC-3 is dead. We leave it online more for archival purposes than anything.



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