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Cerberus Series

The Cerberus series began in 1997 when the company I worked for Interactive8 inc, now defunct, ran a site called beyondweird.com, also now defunct. Among other things on the site we had a gallery section devoted to the independent work of the artists who worked at I8. My contribution to this project was a ongoing series I wrote called Cerberus.

Cerberus was the first "serial" I wrote with new installments released every 2-3 months. It garnered a small following and then we got so busy that I no longer had time to work on the series and it was mothballed. In May 98 I started work on a new Cerberus series called Angel Present. Angel Present had a totally different format than the clean backdrops I used in the first 5 chapters of the series. I released a one shot preview and then a few months later released the actual episode. Unfortunately I have not yet been able to locate the original files whereabouts to repost here but I am sure it is in my archives somewhere. I'll find it one day ^_^

So here is what I have left of the series. You'll note that one of the characters designed for Cerberus became the crest for Studio Grey. In addition I've also posted the preview materials I designed for a new series in the same style called Factor: War Child. Factor was written, designed and conceived of in response to a call from SciFi Channel to develop an original serial for their website, unfortunately Factor was not what they had in mind and the project was killed before it began.

I made small run of Cerberus shirts somewhere during the series run on beyondweird.com (I honestly don't remember how many but...). The shirts were a breast pocket print of the character that became the Studio grey crest. Black shirt, dark red ink. Some other trivia about this project, beyondweird.com went on to win several awards from microscope.com for ad banners run for it and the site was one of the most heavily copied we worked on at I8. Everything from the original art we posted to the background patterns, we actually had to send several cease and desist type letters to people who took our work, dropped it on their sites and claimed it as their own.



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