Scratch Trigger Era

Scratch Trigger Era is the first OVA (original video animation) currently in production by Studio Grey in association with face2face animation. Adrenalin pumping thrash metal, gravity defying gun fu battles and a torrent of high speed idiosyncratic characters rendered in a hybrid of anime and graffitti...

Created by Mark Gilson and Jon Chang, Scratch Trigger Era was initially conceived of as a series of eccentric gun fighting short stories, but has since evolved into a full fledged epic complete with super robots, cowboys, modern day gun slinger otaku, 4 armed one eyes elephants, super natural soldiers and heavy metal. On this site you'll find some plotlines, production art, story boards and a bit about the story.

Currently we are producing a short film in the STE universe titled "Rock, Paper, Scissors, Gun" due for public debut at the Con Can film festival in April 2005. Until then you can check out our test short, produced in early 2004 in our episodes section.

At this point we don't have any merch available but we're working on it. Until then feel free to stop in at the downloads section and snag a snazzy new desktop.