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Angel of Death
Project leader, game-designer, coder, sound-engineer, pr-manager,...
AOD lives in Austria, is a real hardcore gamer, Tom Clancy fan and plays SoF2 very often; can be sighted only on european (especially german) servers. Can also be contacted at ICQ #152960625 or AIM SirLastEnemy.

Scenario, script, 2d/3d artist, webmaster.
Jon Chang has worked at design/animation shops the world over. Presently working at Studio Grey as Creative Director, he has written several screenplays and is currently directing his first animated feature.

3d artist.
V-kidd lives in Bombay, India. Loves Realistic 3rd person shooters, Rogue spear, Ranibow six, Swat3, MOHAA and Americas Army. Also a big Combat Flight Simulator fan : Flanker 2.x, JF-18E, JF-15 and Apache-Havoc. Hobbies are make 3D models and 2D art. ICQ# 152943671

2d artist.
F. Stephen Kirschbaum currently lives in New Hope, Minnesota (a Minneapolis suburb) with his wife and two daughters. He has a wide variety of interests and an equally wide variety of talents. Writing, computer graphics and web design are at the forefront for now, but things are always changing. He will soon be launching a comic book publishing company with a small group of artists, and is always looking for new ventuers to expand his horizons.

Lt. Rexmund
Sound-engineer, Skinner
Rexmund lives in Paris, loves realistic action/strategy games (though not SWAT III, he thinks it's so boring sometimes...) Rexmund has created Midtown Madness 2 cars, NFS4 creator, NFS3, and loves NFS games (Sports Car GT, F1 2001). He loves Muscle Cars, Prestige cars and works in the Aston Martin Garage France in real life.

James Agudo, alias _asus_p2b, playes video games all the time and works on mods in his spare time(FPS games are his fav). _asus_p2b is always looking for technology related projects...he can be reached at, and his ICQ# is 165744857.