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We are still discussing/fine tuning many aspects of what makes The Last Enemy a unique FPS experience. The primary goal of The Last Enemy is to deliver a compelling narrative in a highly realistic and detailed setting.

All the gear, location, and scenario details are being culled from tremendous amounts of research to be as accurate as possible.

The main character, a young Russian soldier in the 103rd Airborne division, is being derived from the journals and writings of veterans who served with that unit in Afghanistan. So rather than cold mission briefings that consist of simple good guys versus bad guys situations, we are setting a more complex stage for the story to unfold in with a believable protagonist.

All the weapons, uniforms and vehicles are the actual ones in use by the respective armies. Locations are being created to accurately represent real places along the China/Kazakhstan border. Textures, when possible, are being drawn from the actual or similar objects.

We are extending this level of detail to every aspect of the game. Players will be able to pick different types of munitions, pick personal equipment load-outs (no more waiting for the good weapons to be doled out at the last minute of the game), and a sniping system that closely approximates what it is like to actually use a long range rifle.

Missions range from harassment and interdiction to hunter/killer to reconnaissance and it will be up to the player to bring the right load-outs for each mission.

We are also presently examining the pros and cons of implementing a class based system.

Feel free to weigh in on our forums.