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6.15.03 // Game Over

In case you were wondering where we've been, The Last Enemy team disbanded several months ago. It was no secret that we were hemmoraging members left and right until finally it was just me, eva05, remaining (the oddest element of this all was that it wasn't even my mod to start with!!!). Regardless, work done for The Last Enemy is pretty much never going to be released, at least in the context of the SOF2 engine. Currently I am working with a 3d animation company that is doing subcontract work for several other game companies. We are currently planning our first original game title, a special forces FPS game set about 30 years in the future for PC/Mac. We are presently working with real-life ex-SF/paramilitary operators to make sure our mission structure and tactics are sound. We will also be combining many new aspects into the game that the genre has yet to see. Anyway keep your eyes on the Studio Grey main site. We haven't decided when to go public but E3 2004 is sounding pretty good at the moment ^_^

Thanks for your previous interest.

12.11.02 // Bottomless Clips

The Tokarev is skinned.

11.26.02 // Guns and Features

The Tokarev has been modeled! A finished, skinned piece is coming soon ^_^

News from the programming unit. A major bug was discovered which required the recoding of most of our completed features. This bug has been addressed and currently we have the following working:

  • Pick-up/Search items
  • Variable penetration of solid objects by bullets/shrapnel
  • Real-time breathing simulation for snipers

11.13.02 // Hemoraging Members

In the past month "The Last Enemy" mod team has been decimated as most of the members returned to school or simply dropped out of contact. We desperately need mappers interested in making realistic, open area maps suited to small unit infantry combat.

The RPG-7 has been compeleted and is viewable in the preview section. There's only 2 more weapons to be completed and then the sole surviving modeler (eva05) will start on the vehicles. More updates later this week on the programming side. we've gotten quite a bit done ^_^

10.09.02 // Return of the Enemy

Bipod/Tripod code is almost ready to go! And read an interview with team leader Angel of Death at Solider of Fortune Bunker.

9.26.02 // Last Enemy on the road

eva05 is going to China next week, so there won't be any site updates between now and then ^_^

9.24.02 // Hit Reload if you see the untextured G36k

Textured model of the G36k. Whoo hoo hunting season ^_^

9.19.02 // By Popular Demand

Untextured model of the G36k online for your review ^_^ We'll have skin by Monday hopefully...Also some more headway on the programming front...details tomorrow ^o^

9.9.02 // Brief update on our code

Our bullet penetration code has been extended...Glass now also shatters/deviates bullets. We will eventually extend this to any materials we determine "destructible"(such as tent burlap, etc...) The stronger the material is, the more the bullet deviates, and the weaker/less accurate the penetration.

9.9.02 // Slow times at Last Enemy

Well Vkidd just relocated to the USA and a new school year has started so things have slowed a bit. But we do have some progress in the mod programming. Shooting through thin pieces of wood is now possible (with a slight deflection modifier built in of course), and we are considering the inclusion of shrapnel damage as well (from splintering wood hit by explosives). Prone code is also in the works as well...

8.19.02 // Guns! Guns! Guns!

As promised, skins for the AKS-74 and a RPK-74 are ready to go!

8.11.02 // New weapons added to the preview section!

Two new weapon models are finished! We've uploaded shots of an unskinned AKS-74 assault rifle (airborne version) and a RPK-74 light machinegun. Skins coming soon ^_^

7.30.02 // SVD Model skinned!

Added several renderings of a skinned Dragunov SVD sniper rifle. Sometimes it's reach out and touch someone.

7.21.02 // Mi-24 Hind Helo Model Online.

We've added a rendering of the Mi-24 Hind helo to the Preview section. The use of air support is critical in the SP mode of The Last Enemy. Expect to see these throughout the course of the SP game.

Also updated shots of the AKS-74 and M-16A2!

7.4.02 // Site launches.

Welcome to The Last Enemy, a mod for Soldier of Fortune 2 set during a war in the not too distant future between the PRC and Russia. Check out the Scenario section for more information on the world of The Last Enemy.

We are always looking for new, experienced teammembers. Check out the staff for our current needs.

Be sure to check out our forums as well and leave any comments for the teams. Thanks for checking us out.

Posted by. Angel_of_Death