Scratch Trigger Era

Exploding across roof tops, through deserted subway stations, down alleys, up fire escapes and back down into the bowels of the city where sprawling underground bases churn out culture as instructed by a twisted cabal of former government super agents.

Trap Syndicate, the supreme power which has shaped the consciousness of all humankind for nearly half a century. Formed to influence a progressive human culture that would take to the stars and beyond, the agents of this organization have lost their way. Consumed by avarice and greed, Trap Syndicate devours souls and spits out amorphous beings lacking imagination or creativity. Until 3 rough around the edges heavy metal gun slingers and their 3 story super robot turn up and start taking them apart.

Hiro, Soda, I/O and MetaSenki Voranga. Three otaku gun fighters and a super robot, working their way up the food chain one super villain at a time.

No, they're not here to save the world.

They're here to destroy it.