Scratch Trigger Era

Despite the pronunciation of his name, HIRO is not coming to save the day. On the rare occasions when he saves the world, the princess, etc. it's just his day job. HIRO couldn't give a damn about the kingdom, its mission statement and the contrived marketing spun around it. Two parts Captain Harlock with a dash of Chow Yun Fat and Spike Spiegel, HIRO is coming into the room through the wall with all the subtly of a thermobaric bomb. High speed and low drag, HIRO lives for beating impossible odds with pure adrenalin and acrobatic gun fu.

She's not a side kick. She's not dressed in a skin tight plug suit and she's not here for any fan service panty shot crap. SODA is a razor sharp cool, quick witted adrenalin junkie with a sarcastic streak a mile wide. In addition, SODA is a pavement grinding jedi master with guns. Headphones on and safeties off, she is never more alive than when the air is thick with cordite, the shell casings flying and the thrash is pumping.

A boy genius, I/O rounds out the group as the engineering and computer expert. A master hacker and genius model builder, I/O built MetaSenki Voranga based on some plans accidentally acquired from Trap Syndicate but he made a few improvements. The youngest and smallest of the trio, he is never without a laptop and an array of hi-tech interface gear.

MetaSenki Voranga
An invincible super robot built by I/O and powered by thrash.


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