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Doesn't say anything... KETM :: Bosses

The bosses of KETM fill the screen at all times during the course of the game. As soon as you are picked up on their radar nets the Sigil will dispatch every weapon in their arsenal to track you down and kill you. Expect a heavy concentartion of smaller fighters as well as smart weapons to accompany any boss craft you encounter.

The army of the Sigil constructed several gigadeath war machines with the sole purpose of imposing their God on others via force. Controlled by zealots hardwired into the actual machines, the Sigil war machines are equipped with ablative armor hulls, several meters thick, and a vast array of projectile and plasma weapons. They are nearly invinsible. To call them formidable would be beyond an understatement.

A single Exohawk fighter couldn't possibly carry enough of a payload to even slow one of these craft down, let alone kill it. When confronted by a "boss" There is no hope of beating these ogres head-on.

Sigil tactics at Aleph Epsilon suggest they will swarm from every possible direction. Fight through the swarms of smaller craft and evade the bosses as long as possible. The only hope is to escape to the next area before their projectile screen takes you out.

Evade, kill and survive.

Possessed Sprite.