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After what seems an eternity...324 vinyl is available via online orders at Lumberjack Distro. Their shipping rate is better than mine as well ^O^


324 vinyl is available now ^o^

Studio Grey
290 Brook Dr
Milltown, NJ 08850

Unfortunately due to the latest postage hikes, which are killing me slowly due to my ebay addiction, are forcing me to sell the LPs at $12 postpaid in the USA and $15 each in Euro. LPs are not available in Japan through me, only HG Fact. I am also doing wholesale in the US/Euro for 5 copies or more. Email for more info.

Before you have a heart attack at the pricing note the LPs should be $8 each from stores. (The $4 extra via mail is for 1st class shipping and the mailers which aren't cheap either...) I am trying to get distro via Lumberjack, who distros the D.A. stuff, now.


Order the DISCORDANCE AXIS : CORRUPTED : 324 / 3 way split (CD) from HG Fact direct. Release date : the end of April for $8(ppd:air). DA and Corrupted both have 2 new songs and 324 does 3 new songs.

TOKYO, 164-0013,

The 324 vinyl is due in less than 2 weeks. Pricing has yet to be determined. I'm still trying to find a vendor who sells 12" mailers so I can do direct mailorder. Based on initial pricing I'm guessing these records will be $10 each direct from Studio Grey(post paid of course). For those of you not residing in the US our recent postage fare hike has been pretty extreme. Some tecchnical info about the vinyl; there were 2000 pressed of which 1200 are avail in Euro and USA (Japan distro is exclusively through HG Fact). This is a one time edition with full color covers and b/w insert (50/50 English/Japanese lyrics).


CD version available now through HG Fact! I've also updated the mp3 page. Download 2 tracks from "Sun of Desecration"!

Progress update on the vinyl. The test pressings are approved. We are still waiting for the artwork to arrive from Japan. Apparently all the lyrics will be translated into English for the US release as well as featuring slightly different artwork (supplied by 324--not changed by Studio Grey!).

Also people have been enquiring about the limited edition flexi disc given away at the 324/Slight Slapper record release party. This record is not available through Studio Grey nor HG Fact. We are awaiting the band's permission to post the songs as mp3.


Vinyl test pressing is here!!!! At this moment the only thing holding back the release of the new 324 LP is the artwork which has not yet arrived from Japan. Here is the track listing:

  • Silence before silver screen
  • Quarter moon
  • Red origin still streaming
  • Plastic dream
  • (japanese title)
  • Disgusting flower
  • Swinging skull
  • Broken clock
  • Crawl in the transparency
  • New dimension
  • Cobalt
  • Flash rings link
  • m.o.c.
  • Glenghost

The artwork for the Japnese edition can be found on HG Fact's website but the image is pretty small. I'm trying to find out which tracks the band wants to release online now as well as get the artwork. I'm extremly excited by this record...definitely one of the best things this year.


324 recording is at last complete. After delays caused to ill health and studio time the first LP/CD by 324 is now completed! Titled "Boutoku No Taiyo" or "The Sun of Desecration" I am expecting a DAT by early this week! Look for MP3's, a full track listing and cover art soon!


Welcome to the 324 webpage.

324 will enter the studio in August 2000 to begin recording their LP/CD for Studio Grey (vinyl version) and HG: Fact (for the CD version). The album still has no tenative title but is excpected to have around 15 songs, 3-4 old songs and 10+ new tracks. Song writing is going well but is reportedly "hard work". "We try various versions for a song, so we need a long time for making a song."

I am terribly excited to hear their full length. 324 is easily the best thing going out of Japan today and definitely one of the best grind bands to date!!!!

324 is Yamamoto bass/vocals, Sakata on drums and Morichang on guitar.


      Masao Yamamoto
      102 M Izumi, 4-22-7 Izumi
      Suginami-ku, Tokyo
      168-0063, Japan