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Not much new on the Halo front this week, however it has been a preety good week for gaming.

Crazy Taxi for Dreamcast is the only driving game, besides Die Hard Trilogy's driving game, I ever enjoyed. Fast rides and mayhem. *joy* And BioHazard(aka Res Evil) gets it's latest entry on the Dreamcast on Monday...Code Veronica. I played the demo which looked great but I may elect to wait for the domestic release instead of the import.

For regualr sci-fi if you haven't seen Glimmer Rats, running in 2000 AD, you haven't seen one hell of a good sci-fi war story. It's been described as Platoon written by Kafka. That's a pretty good description. One of the better war stories I've read. Easily one of the bloodiest things this side of Quake 3.

Have you ogtten your Oni door poster from the Bunige store? hehe *drool* but hey! Where the hell is the Halo stuff!!!


Big updates in the weapons section. Coming soon a story section ^_^.


Day 4 bTV archive is up. Am downloading now. Should be down in a few days ^_^


JosephAW to the rescue again. Just the Halo portion of the day 3 bTV broadcast. Unfortunately you can't save it to your desktop?!!!!!

For those of you who haven't seen this I love the targeting system. Expect more on this real soon in Weapons. I'm suprised at how simple but perfect it is. Check it out and click through.


Some new Halo shots at

For those of you like me who haven't been able to get a stream onto bTV a nice fellow has posted his copy of the event here. Halo special today!!! Hurrah!


Go here now. Marathon's Story page has an email from Alan Greene detailing the Halo plot as told from Bungie at the Gathering of Fans. Threshold, Basis and Halo. Damn. Wish I could go. hehe Perhaps Bungie/Club I will do this when they come to my hometown for MacWorld NYC?

Well apparently what was meant by the Inside Mac Games article I quoted was that John Carmack would only be supporting OS X. I was pretty sure that was the case but thought it was too good to pass up. I have removed the specific quote but you can read it here if you'ld like.

Also the Bungie TV archive was inoperable due to "technical difficulties". *sigh*


Macworld starts tomorrow. Sadly I will not be attending but luckily Bungie will be bringing us all sorts of bungiely goodness via streaming QT.

Wednesday, January 5th 1:00 to 1:30pm PST

  • Show Floor Coverage
  • bTV Mailbox
  • Bungie East Tour
  • Oni Special(part I)
  • 2 Minutes of Matt Soell
Thursday, January 6th 10 to 10:30am PST
  • Show Floor Coverage
  • bTV Mailbox
  • Bungie West Tour
  • Apple Interview
  • Oni Special (part II)
  • 2 Minutes of Peter Tamte
Friday, January 7th 10 to 10:30am PST
  • Show Floor Coverage
  • bTV Mailbox
  • Bungie Culture 101
  • ATI Interview
  • Halo Special (part I)
  • 2 Minutes of Alexander Seropian
Saturday, January 8th 10 to 10:30am PST
  • Show Floor Coverage
  • bTV Mailbox
  • Bungie Culture 101
  • 3dfx Interview
  • Halo Special (part II)
  • 2 Minutes of Doug Zartman

Available at Bungie TV. They'll be archiving everything in case yo can't get a good stream.

Also be sure to catch Steve Jobs keynote on January 5, at 9am PT.


Here's the redesign. All news that comes my way will be on the home page from now on. All the Iain M Banks info is inside of Culture, Weapons and Links remain the same. Also added the long promosied bibliography for IA Banks sci-fi works, complete with descriptions.

Some Iain M Banks news. For those of you who sent in ship names to Orbit for the next Culture book here's some info from their site:

Many thanks to the hundreds of you who entered our 'Name a Culture Ship' competition. The list (the very long list!) is currently with Iain, and as soon as he has picked his favourite we'll announce the winner. We enjoyed reading them all, and it won't be an easy decision...

Good luck everyone ^_^ Oh and the date for the new Culture novel has been placed at August 2000.

In terms of Halo-news the only thing I've got is something I posted on the halo.bungie.orgm forums. My question was would Bungie have a playable Halo at Macworld SF. Sadly this is the response:

MacWorldSF will be an Oni Love Fest. Halo will be there in some form, but you won't be able to walk up to a machine and play it.

*sigh* Oni looks/plays (Macworld NY beta at least!) cool but after seeing Halo my interest in Oni pretty much dropped off the face of the earth. I'ld just rather use assualt rifles and gatling guns than kick someone's ass ^_^

But Quake III is out for MAC ^_^ I however am still waiting for mine to arrive in the mail :(

There is something so annoying about calling up an EB and having the person on the other end laugh when you ask for the mac version...


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